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EMERGENCY HQ: A Realistic and Challenging Rescue Game

Emergency HQ: The Ultimate Rescue Simulation Game

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Do you enjoy saving lives, fighting fires, and solving crimes? If you answered yes, then you will love Emergency HQ, the rescue simulation game that lets you take control of different emergency services and manage challenging situations. In this game, you can build your own headquarters, deploy various units, and complete missions that range from medical emergencies to terrorist attacks. You can also compete with other players online and show off your skills as a leader. Whether you are a fan of strategy games, simulation games, or action games, you will find something to enjoy in Emergency HQ. Read on to find out more about this exciting game and how to play it on your PC.

emergency hq

What is Emergency HQ?

Emergency HQ is a rescue simulation game developed by Promotion Software GmbH and released in 2020. It is the latest game in the EMERGENCY series, which has been around since 1998. The game is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as PC via BlueStacks emulator. The game has over 10 million downloads and 4.5 stars on Google Play Store.

Features of Emergency HQ

Emergency HQ is a game that offers a lot of features and content for players to enjoy. Here are some of the main features of the game:

Control different emergency units

In Emergency HQ, you can take control of various emergency units, such as firefighters, police officers, paramedics, doctors, SWAT teams, and technical services. Each unit has its own abilities and equipment that can help you deal with different situations. For example, firefighters can extinguish fires, rescue people from burning buildings, and cut through obstacles. Police officers can arrest criminals, secure areas, and defuse bombs. Paramedics can treat injuries, transport patients, and revive fallen units. Doctors can perform surgeries, cure diseases, and research new technologies. SWAT teams can handle hostage situations, neutralize terrorists, and provide backup. Technical services can repair vehicles, clear roads, and restore power.

Build and upgrade your base

Another important aspect of Emergency HQ is building and upgrading your base. Your base is where you can store your vehicles, train your units, research new technologies, and produce resources. You can also customize your base with different buildings and decorations to make it look more appealing. Building and upgrading your base will allow you to unlock new units, vehicles, equipment, and missions. It will also increase your reputation and income.

Complete various missions and challenges

Emergency HQ offers a variety of missions and challenges for you to complete. Missions are the main mode of the game, where you have to deal with different scenarios that require your emergency services. Missions can be divided into four categories: rescue missions, crime missions, medical missions, and catastrophe missions. Each mission has its own objectives, rewards, and difficulties. You can also replay missions to improve your score and earn more stars.

Challenges are special events that occur periodically in the game. Challenges are similar to missions, but they have more restrictions and requirements. For example, some challenges may limit the number of units you can use or the time you have to complete them. Challenges also have leaderboards where you can compete with other players online and see who can get the highest score.

Compete with other players online

If you want to test your skills against other players online, you can join or create an alliance in Emergency HQ. An alliance is a group of players who can cooperate and communicate with each other. You can join an existing alliance or create your own one with your friends. By joining an alliance, you can access the alliance chat, where you can chat with other members, share tips and strategies, and request or donate resources. You can also participate in alliance missions, where you can work together with other members to complete objectives and earn rewards. You can also challenge other alliances in alliance wars, where you can compete for territory and prestige.

How to play Emergency HQ?

Emergency HQ is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. If you are new to the game, you may want to follow these tips and tricks to get started:

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Tips and tricks for beginners

Choose the right units for each situation

One of the most important skills in Emergency HQ is choosing the right units for each situation. Different units have different strengths and weaknesses, and you need to use them accordingly. For example, firefighters are good at dealing with fires, but they are vulnerable to explosions and gunfire. Police officers are good at dealing with criminals, but they are not very effective against fires or medical emergencies. Paramedics are good at treating injuries, but they cannot fight or arrest anyone. Doctors are good at curing diseases, but they are slow and fragile. SWAT teams are good at handling dangerous situations, but they are expensive and limited in number. Technical services are good at repairing vehicles and buildings, but they cannot rescue people or fight fires.

Therefore, you need to choose the right units for each situation based on the type of mission, the objectives, the environment, and the enemies. You also need to balance your units between offense and defense, as well as between speed and durability. You can also combine different units to create synergies and increase their effectiveness. For example, you can use firefighters to create a water shield for police officers, or use paramedics to heal injured units.

Manage your resources wisely

Another important skill in Emergency HQ is managing your resources wisely. Resources are the currency of the game, and you need them to build, upgrade, deploy, and research. There are four types of resources in the game: coins, gems, energy, and materials. Coins are the most common resource, and you can earn them by completing missions, challenges, and daily tasks. Gems are the premium resource, and you can buy them with real money or earn them by watching ads, completing achievements, or ranking up. Energy is the resource that limits how many missions you can play per day, and it regenerates over time or can be refilled with gems or energy drinks. Materials are the resource that you need to build and upgrade your base, and you can get them by completing missions or challenges, or by recycling unused vehicles or buildings.

You need to manage your resources wisely by spending them on the things that matter most. For example, you should prioritize building and upgrading your base over buying new vehicles or equipment, as this will unlock more features and benefits for you. You should also save your gems for important things like expanding your base or buying rare vehicles or equipment, rather than wasting them on speeding up timers or refilling energy. You should also use your energy efficiently by playing missions that match your level and difficulty, rather than playing missions that are too easy or too hard for you.

Use the environment to your advantage

A third important skill in Emergency HQ is using the environment to your advantage. The environment is not just a background in the game, but a factor that can affect the outcome of your missions. The environment can have positive or negative effects on your units, your enemies, and your objectives. For example, some environments may have hazards like fire hydrants, explosive barrels, gas leaks, or power lines that can cause damage or create obstacles. Some environments may also have objects like cars, trees, fences, or walls that can provide cover or support for your units. Some environments may also have weather conditions like rain, snow, fog, or wind that can affect the visibility or mobility of your units and enemies. Some environments may also have civilians or animals that can interfere with your missions or require your assistance.

Therefore, you need to use the environment to your advantage by observing and interacting with it. You can use the environment to create diversions, traps, or shortcuts for your units or enemies. You can also use the environment to protect or heal your units or damage or disable your enemies. You can also use the envir


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