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Mulan 2 Streaming Ita

Disney's latest live-action remake Mulan premiered on Disney+ to mixed reviews and a 68% increase in subscribers for the streaming service, so can it be considered a box office success? After postponing Mulan's original March 2020 release in theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disney announced that Mulan would premiere exclusively on their streaming service Disney+ in September. Unlike other Disney+ exclusive releases such as Lady And The Tramp or Artemis Fowl, Mulan would only be available to subscribers who paid $29.99 for premiere access to the film.

Mulan 2 streaming ita

After postponing Mulan's original theatrical release, Disney announced that the film would premiere exclusively on Disney+. Disney+ subscribers had to pay an additional, one-time fee of $29.99 in exchange for premiere access to watch the film, which permanently adds Mulan to their streaming library. Disney+ initially saw a 68% increase in subscriptions, and subscribers spending increased by 193% due to the premiere access fee. Mulan made a total of $35.5 million on its opening weekend from Disney+ subscribers. Since the movie wasn't released in theaters, the $35.5 million is entirely net profit for Disney, who didn't have to pay any distribution fees by hosting it on their streaming service.

Immediately after Mulan was released on Disney+, it became the number one movie on the site and had a 15% viewer share among all titles streamed that weekend across every streaming service. In plain English, that means that 15% of people who watched a new release over Labor Day Weekend were watching Mulan, narrowly edging out the 9.6% who watched the Charlie Kaufman film I'm Thinking Of Ending Things (via IndieWire). Early numbers indicate that Mulan was watched by a total of 1.12 million households on its opening weekend. While Hamilton outperformed Mulan with 2.7 million households on its first weekend, Hamilton didn't require any addition cost to access the musical, making Mulan's performance even more impressive.

Despite that, Mulan was a success for Disney+, significantly increasing the number of subscribers and proving that almost 100,000 people would pay an additional $30 to access the film. While Mulan suffered from calls to boycott the film following Liu Yifei's comments about the Hong Kong protests, alienated Chinese audiences with its all-white production team, and dissuaded American audiences by cutting the songs and characters that made the animated Mulan so beloved, it still managed to bring in $35.5 million from streaming alone. If Mulan had premiered in theaters with the same opening weekend box office, it would have been a massive commercial failure and the lowest-performing live-action Disney remake, tying with Maleficient: Mistress of Evil. Because Mulan premiered only on Disney+, the total gross is a victory and a sign that future releases that premiere on streaming can still be successful.

Mulan was not the first high-profile movie to have its theatrical release moved to Disney+, but it was the first one that required an additional fee. Although Mulan will be available for free in December 2020, it still made the studio $35.5 million in net profits. While the disappointing Chinese box office was another hit to Mulan, its success on Disney+ proved that Disney was right to shift the premiere to the streaming service. Mulan's success could be a disaster for cinemas if more studios will follow suit, foregoing the traditional theatrical distribution model in favor of releasing films exclusively on streaming. While it didn't do as well as the Disney remakes with a proper theatrical release, Disney+ still had a massive success with Mulan.

Nel caso in cui, invece, ti domandassi se è possibile vedere Mulan film completo ita Disney su Youtube, in quanto vorresti vedere Mulan film Disney in streaming ita, ti suggerisco di fare riferimento al riquadro che trovi qui di seguito, per sapere dove è possibile vedere il film in streaming.

Vorresti sapere dove vedere il cartone di Mulan in streaming? In tal caso, ti consiglio di far riferimento al riguardo dedicato allo streaming che puoi trovare qui di seguito.

Ti domandi dove vedere Mulan 2 film completo italiano Disney perché vorresti guardare Mulan 2 in streaming? Anche in questo caso, fai riferimento al riguardo dedicato allo streaming che puoi trovare qui di seguito. Buona visione!


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