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Get the Latest Version of LiveUpdate Administrator for Symantec Products

Symantec products download updates from the Internet using a LiveUpdate client by default. Configuring and administering an LUA infrastructure adds several layers of complexity to the process of updating Symantec products.

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LUA requires a very large amount of free disk space to function properly. Ensure there is enough available storage to house all content downloaded/distributed by LUA without running out of free space. Use the following guidelines when configuring an LUA server's disk(s):

LUA has a limited amount of memory and threads to handle scheduled tasks like downloading and distributing content, purging downloads and distributions, and database maintenance. These resources are also shared by built-in testing and production distribution centers. Use the following guidelines to ensure smooth operation of LUA's tasks:

LUA is an enterprise web application that lets you manage Symantec updates on an internal LiveUpdate (LU) server. LUA can be configured to download content for various products such as SEP, DCS, SMS, SPE, etc. LUA retrieves content from an external Symantec LU server to be published to Distribution Centers where clients can download from. Content can also be sent to a Testing Distribution Center before publishing so content can be vetted before being released to the entire environment.

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