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Superstar Racing Hack V2.04 [Extra Quality]

Lightning McQueen is hosting an international championship in Radiator Springs, to celebrate the construction of his new racing stadium and headquarters. While reporting about the event on television, Mater forgets his lines and calls it the "Mater-National Championship." Several international racing superstars arrive in Radiator Springs and befriend McQueen, including Giovanni, an Italian Ferrari; Otto Von Fassenbottom, a German endurance racer; Gudmund, a charismatic Swedish competitor; and Koji, a Japanese drift racer.

Superstar Racing Hack V2.04

In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen and Mater, along with Luigi, Guido, Fillmore and Sarge, travel to Japan and Europe so Lightning can compete in the first annual World Grand Prix against the world's top racing superstars held by former oil tycoon Miles Axlerod. However, Mater soon gets caught in the middle of a big conspiracy when he discovers weapons designer Professor Z is planning to sabotage the race. Now Mater and his new secret agent friends, Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell, must stop the professor and save the world.


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